Manuela provides individual services for a range of issues including:
Life transitions
Stress and adjustment difficulties
Personality disorders
Chronic pain
Anger Management
Grief and loss:
Work Issues
Relationship and parenting issues
Sleep problems
Trauma counselling
Substance use - recovery
Types of issues


Manuela works with a range of issues including (but not limited to): adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression,OCD, personality disorders, relationship issues, grief and loss, complex trauma, PTSD, work and school related issues;- social, emotional, behavioral and learning issues.




While Cognitive Behavior therapy informs her practice, she is able to draw on other evidence-based approaches such as, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy,  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Solution Focused therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and relaxation strategies. She ensures each client is treated sensitively and respectively and tailors the treatment to suit their individual needs.

What to expect

Respect, trust, integrity and working in collaboration with you


If this is your first time seeking counselling for whatever reason, it may be helpful if you know what to expect.

In your first session, the therapist typically will ask certain questions about you and your life. This information helps them to make an initial assessment of your situation. Questions might include:

Your reason for seeking counselling? Your personal history and current situation. Your current symptoms, e.g., your symptoms might be impacting you at work, school or your family situation.

The therapist can then use this information to gain a better understanding about your problem. Although a diagnosis may be possible even at this early stage, it’s more likely that a diagnosis will take a few more sessions. After this the therapist in-conjunction with you, will formulate your case and goals will be set that will assist in overcoming your symptoms. Your goals will usually be reviewed by about session 6, or at a point of need or concern.